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2NE1′s CL released ‘The Baddest Female’ MV

CL has sealed the deal on her trademark ‘the baddest female’ title with the release of the music video for her debut solo track,The Baddest Female, on YG Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on May 28.

The music video opens with CL strutting as she’s showered with camera flashes, but before we can be disappointed by the cliché intro, the beat drops and we hear CL chant “I’m a bad girl, I, I’m a bad girl. I’m a bad girl. Where all my bad girls at?” And we’re hooked.

From the jump off, CL makes some strong claims in the song, and she makes a bold statement through her style as well, from her “Gizibe” stamped ring to the swinging and spinning gold chains that would make Mr. T jealous.

But the 2NE1 leader doesn’t go hard the whole time, turning into a perky playgirl playing hopscotch at the one minute mark to switching it up as a pigtailed daddy’s little girl in the latter half of the video.

Compared to what we′ve seen from the 2NE1 leader in videos past, however, CL′s looks in this music video are a little uninspired. We expected more from the style icon than the track suit and basketball jersey she′s seen rocking throughout most of the music video - although her gladiator moment was made more badass by the helmet.

We knew CL’s ‘the baddest female’ tag would take root in the song, but CL throws another title at us, and this time, she’s speaking to the ladies specifically.

If Psy is the world’s oppa, then 2NE1’s CL has set her sights on being the world’s unnie, a title used specifically by girls when calling an older woman or sister. And like 2NE1’s Follow Me, CL is telling young girls to follow her lead.

CL raps, “The boys call me honey, the girls call me unnie.” She even has a dance to match, calling all of her fellow bad girls to “do the unnie.”

They don’t call themselves YG Family for nothing, and there’s no denying that YG blood flows throughout the entire music video. Not only is the concept reminiscent of Big Bang leader G-Dragon’s One of a Kind, CL has mobilized her band of big brothers, from Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, Teddy, Choice 37 and many more to back her up.

If you enjoyed G-Dragon’s One of a Kind but were waiting for a female to mark her territory then, CL’s The Baddest Female is for you. 


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