joi, 23 mai 2013

2NE1 CL′s reveals her new single title : ′Bad Girl'

2NE1′s CL has announced the title to her first solo single.

On May 23, YG Entertainment released through its official blog an image with CL′s new song title Bad Girl
A rep from YG Entertainment said, "CL has used the phrase ′The baddest female′ in her autograph since her debut. The solo single will be the culmination of her abilities."

CL is known to be pouring all of her passion and efforts into the single. She is even receiving private lessons in Japan to improve on her choreography.

She also appeared at all music video meetings to give ideas about her styles and the set, and contacted BIg Bang′s G-Dragon, Taeyang and other friends to help with the video.

The rep added, "Bad Girl is a perfect hip-hop track, a very slow one at 70 bpm. It is a new type that mixes together dougie, dubstep and other modern sounds with CL′s charismatic rapping. It all depends on how charismatic CL makes the slow hip-hop piece."

YG will not be releasing any teasers related to the single before its release on May 28 for a more effective blow.


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