luni, 27 mai 2013

Rita Ora performs at As One In The Park

Mixing it up: Rita Ora matched a pair of face-print white jeans with a bobble hat and metallic mac as she performed at As One In The Park on Sunday
There's no denying that Rita Ora likes to experiment with her style.
And the star certainly mixed it up on Sunday, taking to the stage at As One In The Park in a pair of skintight white jeans with a huge face printed on them and a red cropped top.
The 22-year-old had ditched her usual crop of wavy hair in favour of a long and poker straight style, creating a completely different look.
Having fun: The star seemed to be enjoying herself as she bounded around with a huge smile plastered to her face
Making an entrance: Rita later wore the outfit to attend a private party with friends and family
Boundless energy: The star seemed on top form despite her hectic schedule, jumping around the stage
Experimental style: There's was no missing her as she took to the stage in the attention-grabbing jeans and red cropped top

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