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JYJ’s Kim Junsu Tweets About Kimchi, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Goes Wild and More

Epik High’s Tablo, who answered a few fans’ questions via Twitter on May 23, said in response to the question “What are you doing? It’s hot,” “I’m looking at the ocean.”

Singer Eru tweeted a photo with friend and fellow singer Brian Joo on May 23, writing in Korean, “Brian hyung, whom I met up with for the first time in a long time. He doesn’t get old.. ㅎ." He also added in English, "Having [sic] a little chat with @Brianjoomuzik yesterday.. he never gets old!!”

Jay Park posted a shot of himself looking handsome in the June issue of Marie Claire on his Instagram on May 23.

B.A.P’s Zelo is growing up fast, but he shared a photo via his Instagram on May 23 that reminded us he’s still a baby in our eyes.

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a series of photos on May 23 with the message, “It must be summer~??? Going to ‘God of the Workplace’ MT later tonight.”

VIXX′s N tweeted a photo of the members with their Shinhwa seniors on May 23 along with the message, "Like Shinhwa sunbaenim, VIXX will also stay together for a long time and work hard to be a group that is recognized and loved for our skills!!! This Love jjang! Shinhwa jjang!"

Super Junior’s Ryeowook tweeted a photo on May 23 with the message, “It’s a good morning~~^^!!! With the goodlooking Dong Ho hyung and cute Jae Jin.”

The day before, Choi Siwon tweeted a photo of himself battling it out with creatures of the wild with the hilarious caption, “Jacob..? Hahaha.”

We’re sure both Twilight and Super Junior fans appreciated the reference...and perhaps the teaser nod to fellow SM group, EXO, who′s returning with Wolf

2NE1’s CL, who is preparing to make her solo debut, posted a photo of herself looking super leggy on her Instagram on May 22 with the caption, “y′all kno ma new singles out on the 28th right?”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu tweeted about special gift he received from comedian Park Sung Kwang on May 22, writing “Hyung, thank you for sending me kimchi again. Hyung’s kimchi is so delicious, I don’t eat kimchi in order to eat rice, but I eat rice in order to eat kimchi ㅎ. I’ll eat it well!”


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