luni, 20 mai 2013

SNSD’s Taeyeon Gets Handsy, Idols Celebrate Coming-of-Age Day and More

Kara’s Kang Ji Young tweeted a selca in honor of Coming-of-Age Day on May 20 and wrote,” Give me a rose!”

Infinite’s Sung Jong also tweeted a photo in celebration of Coming-of-Age Day, along with the message, “Wow, Inspirit, I was so touched. Today is Coming-of-Age Day. From now on, I will take the love that you give me and become a Sung Jong that returns it two-fold!! Inspirit, I love you!!!!”

2NE1’s Minzy, who also became legal today, tweeted a photo the day before on May 19 with the message, “I like sweet spring. When the rain falls and the music plays, spring gets sweeter….”

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a photo on May 20 with the bittersweet message, “On my way..!! for the last day of work..!! ㅠㅠ.”

Miss A’s Jia updated fans from New York City via her Instagram, posting a series of her trip stateside.

Haha posted a photo with his wife Byul and another special guest on May 20 with the simple caption “Giraffe.”

Running Man fans can probably guess who “Giraffe” is referring to, as Lee Kwang Soo is also pictured photobombing the couple’s photo. 

Actor Song Seung Hun made fans laugh with a collage of throwback photos and the caption “A man’s past!”

Bad girl Lee Hyori tweeted a photo on May 19 looking everything but, with the message, “I worried everyone needlessly by saying I was having a hard time. After sleeping I feel refreshed ~ Because I’m a Miss Korea.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a few photos of herself getting friendly with a few drag queens on set of the group’s music video for Love & Girls on May 19, writing “Oooops. Ginger’s hands are nice, my hands are naughty.”

SNSD’s Sooyoung upadated fans with a few selcas via the group’s official homepage on May 17, writing “Hey you, unnies and oppas, it was good seeing you for the first time in a while.”


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