luni, 20 mai 2013

BoA to Go Against SNSD in Japan with New Single

BoA will be making a return in Japan with another new song in June.
According to Avex, BoA′s next single albumTail of Hope will be released on June 26. The title song Tail of Hope is a bouncy dance piece that was recently chosen as the theme song for a Fuji TV drama.
With the announcement from Avex came a jacket image showing BoA smiling at a blue sky. The album will contain Tail of Hope and Baby You, the Japanese version of Disturbance.

The release is especially drawing interest as it will pitch BoA against Girls′ Generation (SNSD). Both teams will release dance singles fit for summer around the same time. SNSD′s album Love & Girls will be released on June 19, a week before BoA′s.

BoA will next hold concerts in Daegu and Busan on May 25 and June 1.


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