marți, 21 mai 2013

Cara Delevigne gets second tattoo

New ink: Cara Delevingne got a new tattoo on Monday, choosing to have her initials 'CJD' inked onto her hand
Getting tattoos can be addictive and it seems Cara Delevingne is a new ink convert.
The model got her first body art just one week ago but she clearly couldn’t wait to go back for more.
The 20-year-old got her second tattoo on Monday, this time picking her initials as the design.
Cara, whose middle name is Jocelyn, had ‘CJD’ etched onto the side of her right hand in a cursive script.
She returned to Bang Bang in New York, who inked a lion’s head onto her index finger one week earlier.
Bracing herself: Cara prepared for Bang Bang to start working his magic with the needle
Relaxing: Fortunately Cara's nerves quickly disappeared and she was relaxed as she prepared to get inked
Furrowing those bushy brows: At some points during the session Cara was seen wincing from the pain
Back for more: It was just one week after the model got her very first tattoo
Delighted with the results: Cara proudly showed off her new addition for the camera

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