marți, 21 mai 2013

2PM’s Taecyeon Shares a Selca, YG’s Sean Writes Sweet Message to his Wife and More

YG’s Sean made all of the singles out there envious, when he tweeted a photo with his wife Jung Hye Young on May 21 with the sweet message, “A couple…when two people, who are living their own two separate lives, become one and live one life looking towards the same thing. Hye Young, thank you for looking towards one thing and living one life with me.”

Actor Song Seung Hun tweeted his daily “When a man” update on May 21 with a photo and the message, “When a man meditates.”

Actress Kim Tae Hee shared a photo from the set of her drama via her me2day on May 20, writing “It’s been a while. I didn’t have time to write anything because of my busy schedule. Filming when I haven’t even had time to look at my script properly, but it’s me looking over the script here and there. I fell asleep in the car with my neck pillow, but when I woke up Rilakkuma was on my head.”

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a photo of his new ink on May 21 with the message, “Keep going.”

Meanwhile, 2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted a selca close to 2 a.m. on May 21 and wrote, “Ended today’s schedule well ~ From ‘Star King’ to the movie.”

Teen Top’s Changjo had a busy day ahead of him as revealed by his tweet - a string of random words - on May 21, writing “Morning, tired, puffy, Tokyo, concert, preparation, working out..”

5Dolls member Hyo Young and her twin sister Hwa Young celebrated Coming-of-Age Day the right way – with a glass of wine and a selca – on May 20, as Hwa Young tweeted “Coming-of-Age Day, the day when you’re given both freedom and responsibility. A glass of wine with my other half Hyo Young, just the two of us. Look at our red cheeks. Congratulations Ryu.”


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