vineri, 24 mai 2013

Kristen Stewart points her middle-fingers to paparazzi

Losing her cool: Kristen Stewart flipped the bird as she headed through a Hollywood car park on Thursday
Earlier this week she appeared to be doing well following her break-up from Robert Pattinson as she was spotted laughing while chatting to a male friend.
But it seems Kristen Stewart’s positive post-split attitude was short-lived, to say the least.
The actress may be known for her shy temperament but she came out of her shell and spectacularly lost her cool on Thursday.
As she strolled through a Hollywood car park with a female friend, the 23-year-old’s blood appeared to be boiling and she began flipping the bird with both hands.
Kristen had a face like thunder and didn’t stop when she reached her vehicle, turning around to give another eyeful of her offensive hand gestures.
Girl power: Kristen has been spending time with her friends following the split, and apparently spent the day at Taylor Swift's house earlier this week
Seriously scruffy: The 23-year-old looked even more dishevelled than usual and had greasy, messy hair
Taking its toll: It seems her recent break-up from Robert Pattinson has left the actress feeling on edge

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