joi, 23 mai 2013

Eva Longoria takes her Master's degree

Another string to her bow: Eva Longoria received her Master's Degree in Chicano Studies on Wednesday
She has largely stayed off the radar since her long-running TV show Desperate Housewives came to an end last year.
And while some may have wondered why Eva Longoria was keeping a low profile, they will be pleased to know it's not because she has hung up her acting shoes.
The star has in fact been working on a Master's degree for the past three years and on Wednesday, she finally graduated.
She did it: She is a stunning actress but Eva is out to prove she's one smart cookie too
Proud parents: Eva's father Enrique Longoria, Jr. and mother Ella Eva Mireles were there to cheer her on
Grinning from ear to ear: Eva was clearly over the moon following the Northridge graduation ceremony
Deep breaths: Eva looked a little nervous as she lined up with her classmates
Important message: All of Eva's hard work paid off as she told fans 'you're never too old or too busy to continue your education'

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