miercuri, 22 mai 2013

CN Blue, FT Island, AOA and More Drop By to Watch Lee Hong Ki′s Film

Lee Hong Ki may have been nervous about his first lead role in a feature film, but he still had his agency label mates to back him up in his time of need.

The VIP preview for Passionate Goodbyewas held in Seoul on May 21. At the preview, the rest of FT Island as well as CN Blue, Juniel, AOA, actress Yoon Jin Seo and Cha Soo Min appeared to show their support for Lee Hong Ki.

Lee Hong Ki said about the crowd of friends, "I′m more nervous than I am for our albums. I didn′t get much sleep because I was so tense, but I′m so thankful that my agency label mates came in to support me like this."

Choi Jong Hoon, a fellow member, said after watching the film, "I think it′s a film with a lot of messages. I related to the film as a public figure, and I learned a lot. I thought I should work hard with a thankful heart. I hope many feel healed after watching this film."

"It was so touching," CN Blue′s leader Jung Yong Hwa said about the film. "There were some scenes that had me choking, but all in all I was so touched. I was surprised at [Lee] Hong Ki′s debut film, and I hope ′Passionate Goodbye′ does well. I will continue to support him."

Kang Min Hyuk, drummer of CN Blue, said, "I shed hot and passionate tears like the title Passionate Goodbye implies. It was so touching."

Juniel said, "I tried hard not to break down in tears. Go, Passionate Goodbye!" while AOA leader Jimin said, "I was able to feel thankful for my own life. It was so much fun."

Passionate Goodbye will premiere in Korea on May 30. It is lined up for a premiere in Japan on June 7 under the title Phoenix, the Song of Promise.


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