luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Jung Il Woo Plans to Set Up His Own Agency

It has become known that after leaving Management Soop, Jung Il Woo is leaning towards setting up his own agency.

The actor has been receiving many love calls from various agencies as a free agent after his departure from his former agency. Many of them offered hundreds of millions of won, but instead of signing with them, he recently decided to set up his own agency.

A source close to Jung Il Woo said, "Japan and China have been showing great interest in Jung Il Woo. He will be setting up his own agency with help from an acquaintance who can systemize his management. His decision was also influenced by how he hasn′t served his military duties yet. It seems he thinks he should promote alone for a year or two before his enlistment, instead of signing a long contract with another agency."

The source added, "There is a high possibility his mother will be listed as the corporate representative, and many officials in entertainment and advertisement, who have been close with the actor since his debut, will join him at his agency."

Jung Il Woo′s mother is an authority in cloth and fabrics. She teaches at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage and was manager of the Antique Cloth Laboratory.

Jung Il Woo first rose to stardom through MBC′s High Kick and has been leading an impressive career through his appearances in The Return of IljimaeFlower Boy Ramen Shop and The Sun and the Moon.


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