joi, 25 aprilie 2013

Super Junior Takes Over Argentina

Super Junior has left behind another, giant footprint in South America, this time in Argentina.
On April 23 (local time), the Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Buenos Aires was held in Argentina. Over 8,000 fans gathered to see the show this day.

The Super Junior members put on performances for a total of 24 songs, singing their hits, ballads and dance pieces and putting on costume shows. They spoke in Spanish, and even sang Besame Mucho as well as the cheer for the Argentinian soccer team.

The team entered Argentina on April 22 before hundreds of fans. Some even followed the members to their hotels, and called out to the members or sang songs, leading police to come to the scene and disperse the crowds.

Over 20 local media outlets attended the press conference held before the main concert, fighting for coverage and proving just how much attention the group was garnering in the country.

Super Junior will next perform in Chile on April 25.


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