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SHINee Boys Become the Happiest Zombies Ever in ‘Why So Serious?’

SHINee is back, back, back, back with chapter two of its third album, Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me. 

On April 26, SHINee (without Jonghyun) woke up from their dates with dream girls and decided to become pretty zombies. 
Compared to Dream Girl, the music video for Why So Serious? is a lot darker (literally) and a lot less colorful. Even in the scenes where everything is pure white and SHINee is the most hyper, the video is dimmed down, which seems like a strange choice, considering how optimistic the SHINee members are in the song.

In Why So Serious?, SHINee sings about how everything tragic will end with a happy ending.

Romeo and Juliet a sad love story? Pfft. According to SHINee, everything will be all right. Dark lives will be filled with color, once that perfect person comes into your life!

Unlike Dream Girl, which we thought was written beautifully and cleverly with the real characteristics of dreams in mind,Why So Serious? takes us back to the days of old SHINee’s songs, where we just enjoyed the songs without really making sense of the lyrics.

The song actually reminds us a lot of the initial confusion that we felt when we first heard Girls’ Generation’s I Got a Boy. It’s not that the two songs sound alike – they definitely don’t, but Why So Serious sounds like three different songs cut and pasted together, so we weren’t at all surprised to learn that three different producers worked together for this song.

But what’s not to like? It’s catchy.

We love the energy that the SHINee members pour into each part of the song. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It makes us sing every time someone even mentions the word, ‘Why.’

Even though they’re zombies, they seem to be having the time of their lives, and that’s the misconception that so many people have about zombies.

Perhaps they’re not as dark and gloomy as we think.

So taking SHINee’s advice, we’re just going to try to sit back and enjoy the music video without thinking too hard. 


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