joi, 25 aprilie 2013

Justin Bieber dances for fans,showing off 2 new tattoos

Work it: Justin Bieber danced his way to his tour bus on Wednesday in Stockholm
He regularly sings the praises of his ‘Beliebers’ who he credits for his huge success.
And on Wednesday Justin Bieber decided to give a little back and treated his fans in Stockholm to an impromptu dance routine.
Clearly in a good mood, the 19-year-old delighted his waiting devotes by bumping and grinding his way from his hotel to his tour bus with a male pal - wearing matching onesies.
Delighted: Justin's fans seemed to really enjoy his impromptu treat for them ahead of his third and final show in Stockholm
And perhaps as a way to mark this special time in his life, Justin has acquired three new tattoos during his time in Stockholm.
On Tuesday it was revealed that he had added a koi carp and then on Wednesday his 13th and 14th tattoos were spotted.
It appears the the teenager had tiger and angel tattoos added to his left arm, which looks like he may be going for the full 'sleeve' look.
Making an exit: The evening before Justin showed off two new tattoos on his arm, making it his third in just 48 hours

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