luni, 22 aprilie 2013

2PM′s Nichkhun Breaks Down and Apologizes for His Drunk Driving Incident

Nichkhun apologized in tears for his DUI incident that broke out in July 2012.
His first apology was made at the press conference for his group′s Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome concert held on April 21.

"Many thoughts came to me after the incident last year," he said. "I admit I did wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, but it′s bad if you repeat those mistakes. The mistake I made last year was so stupid. I′ll make sure it never happens again."

He added, "I mostly felt sorry. I was very, very sorry toward my members, my agency′s workers and toward our fans. You′ll see how different I am, how much I′ve matured through our upcoming comeback. You can look forward to it. I′ll work hard."

2PM plans to make a comeback in Korea in May.

Onstage, Nichkhun again apologized in tears to his fans, who had been showing their unwavering support in the audience.

"You must have suffered because of me, but I′m thankful you still trust me and love me," he said.

He then broke down into tears, leading the 2PM members to embrace him and comfort him.

He continued to loud applause, "I′ll work hard to make a great comeback [in Korea]. Thank you, and I love you."

2PM held its Tokyo Dome concert from April 20-21.


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