luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Peter Dinklage went out with his family in New York

Family outing: Father and daughter were also joined by Peter's wife Erica Schmidt
Fatherhood is Peter Dinklage's best role to date.
He vividly proved that fact as he held his baby daughter Zelig in the air during a pleasant Sunday stroll in New York.
The little girl giggled with glee as her father held on tight to her as they made their way around the Big Apple.
Bonding with baby: Peter was also seen pushing Zelig around in her stroller
A life from daddy! Games Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage gave his daughter Zelig a lift in the air as they went for a stroll in Manhattan on Sunday
Earlier the acclaimed actor, who was also joined during the outing by his wife Erica Schmidt, was seen pushing her around in her pram.

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