marți, 23 aprilie 2013

Hugh Laurie walks around in London

Who's that guy? Hugh Laurie heads home from a fitness session in baggy gym clothes and a green beanie on Sunday, after moving back to UK when House finished last year
He made the transition from geeky British comedian to smouldering TV star in the US.
But since his breakthrough show House was cancelled last year, it seems that Hugh Laurie has moved his life back to London, and was almost unrecognisable as he was spotted walking through the streets near his home on Sunday.
Wearing baggy work-out gear and a green beanie hat, the 53-year-old looked comfortable with his life after the hit show, as he gears up to release his new album, Didn't It Rain.
Still in character? Hugh looked a little grumpy as he wandered home, much like his most famous character on the hit Fox show, which ran for eight years

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