joi, 29 august 2013

Song Joong Ki Helped a Family in Need Before Enlistment

Doing one last good deed before leaving for the army, Song Joong Ki participated in a special project to help a family in need.
A video was uploaded on August 26, highlighting a special project that was planned in secret to help out a young teenage girl, who worked hard to keep her family together despite hardships that occurred one after another. 

With her father having passed away, the girl′s older brother works away from home, while she takes care of her alcoholic mother and young brother who suffers from a mental illness. In the midst of all that, their home was burned to the ground due to an unknown reason. 

Through the organization of Coupang, where Song Joong Ki serves as a model, the actor and countless others were able to gift the family with a sturdy and much-needed place to live with everything provided, moving the girl and her family. The project took 45 days, 135 volunteers, and more than 1,200 sponsors to make possible. 

The company hoped that this project will continue until everyone can live well together.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki enlisted in the army on August 27. 

Check out the touching documentary here .

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