miercuri, 28 august 2013

Rita Ora reunites with Calvin Harris in New York City

Affectionate hug: Rita Ora put a hand on Calvin Harris' shoulder ash they enjoyed a low-key daytime date in New York on Tuesday
They are two of Britain's biggest pop stars, who are trying to juggling their fledgling relationship with their high profile careers.
But Rita Ora and Calvin Harris could have passed for any loved up couple as they were spotted wandering around the streets of New York City on Tuesday.
Looking like they were still very much in the honeymoon phase, Rita wrapped her arms around her DJ boyfriend as they took on a seat on a street-side bench.
Pucker up: The couple leaned their heads in close together, looking like they were going to go in for a cheeky kiss
Casual cool: The couple both looked dressed down for their day out in the city, although they still managed to stand out
Sticking close: Rita and Calvin wandered around town together as they made the most of their rare, low-key day together
Time off: The pair, who were joined by a pal at one point, seemed happy to have a day together amid their hectic schedules
Making the most of it: Rita tweeted her excitement that Calvin had jetted over to see her following the VMAs

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