miercuri, 6 noiembrie 2013

Miley Cyrus gets her grandmother's face tattooed on her arm

New ink: Miley Cyrus has had her grandmother's portrait immortalised in ink on her arm
It is one of the ultimate and everlasting odes to a loved one.
Miley Cyrus has now added to her expanding tattoo collection by getting her grandmother
Loretta Finley's portrait tattooed on her arm.

The 20-year-old revealed the new black and grey design on her Twitter page on Tuesday.
Reference: Miley's design was based on a vintage snap of her grandmother
Long process: Miley also posted an image of herself laid down on Kat's tattoo table as the famous artist got to work in her own private studio
'Still just as beautiful': Miley was a nice girl as she tweeted a sweet birthday tribute to her 'Mammie'
Progress: Kat Von D shared the progress of Miley's tattoo on her own Instagram page

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